Kanna powder

Immerse yourself in the soothing world of Kanna on LEGBA, where the powder of
Sceletium tortuosum opens the doors to a wellness experience
unique, honoring an age-old South African tradition.

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Kanna: Harmony and Serenity with Sceletium Tortuosum Powder

Kanna: Harmony and Serenity with Sceletium Tortuosum Powder

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Sceletium tortuosum powder, commonly known as Kanna, comes from a succulent plant that grows in the arid regions of southern Africa. Used for centuries by indigenous peoples for its relaxing and balancing properties, Kanna plays an important role in social and shamanic rituals, serving to improve mood and reduce stress.

Kanna powder is traditionally prepared from the dried aerial parts of the plant, finely ground to create a fine, homogeneous substance. This preparation allows for versatile use, being able to be consumed in different ways, including infusion, chewing, or even as an ingredient in traditional tobacco blends.

In the cultural context of the Khoisan peoples, Kanna consumption was often associated with moments of relaxation and socialization, providing a feeling of well-being and connection with other members of the community. Its ability to promote a state of relaxation without significantly altering lucidity makes it a privileged companion for moments of conviviality and spiritual ceremonies.

Possible associations

Combine Kanna powder with herbs like chamomile or
Lavender can enrich its soothing potential. Chamomile is widely
known for its relaxing effects, while lavender provides
additional dimension of calm and relaxation. This combination creates
an ideal infusion for moments of relaxation, supporting a
atmosphere of tranquility and inner well-being. The use of these
plants together can provide a synergistic experience, strengthening the
calming properties of Kanna while introducing the benefits
additional chamomile and lavender for an experience of
complete relaxation.

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