Artemisia Absinthium

Cultivate Absinthe for its Unique Virtues

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Artemisia Absinthium: Wormwood plant

Artemisia Absinthium: Wormwood plant

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Discover Artemisia absinthium, a plant with fascinating properties and a rich history. Grow wormwood in your garden to enjoy its unique benefits and captivating appearance. Perfect for botany lovers and natural remedy enthusiasts.

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Plant available from April to the end of October

Detailed Description and Benefits

Artemisia absinthium, commonly called wormwood, is a plant
perennial with a characteristic scent and silvery leaves. Recognized
for his role in the creation of the famous spirit drink,
wormwood also has a long history of use in
traditional medicine. Its benefits include properties
digestive, antiparasitic and antiseptic. In herbal medicine, she
is used to stimulate the appetite, relieve digestive disorders and
as a dewormer. Its unique bitterness is due to the presence of thujone,
an active compound that requires careful use.

How to cultivate it? Growing guide

Artemisia absinthium thrives in full sun and good soil.
drained. This hardy plant tolerates drought and soil
poor, making it ideal for rock gardens or
borders. To grow it, plant seeds or cuttings in
spring. Keep the soil slightly moist until established
Plant. Prune regularly to encourage growth
bushy. Absinthe can be harvested in summer to use its
dried leaves into herbal teas or extracts.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

Artemisia absinthium is shrouded in mystery and folklore.
In the past, it was believed that wormwood offered protection against
evil spirits and was used in purification rituals.
In magic, it is associated with protection, love and invocation
spirits. Absinthe has also inspired many artists and
19th century writers, who attributed creative properties to it
and psychic.


  • Q: Is Artemisia absinthium easy to grow?
    A: Yes, it is a robust plant that adapts to various growing conditions.
    soil and climate, ideal for gardeners of all levels.
  • Q: Can we consume Artemisia absinthium?
    A: Although traditionally used in small quantities in
    cooking and medicine, its consumption should be moderate due to
    the presence of thujone.
  • Q: Can wormwood be used in ecological gardening?
    A: Absolutely, its natural repellent properties can help
    keep certain pests away from the garden without the use of products

Further information

Although Artemisia absinthium is appreciated for its numerous
uses, it is crucial to note its potential toxicity. There
thujone, present in absinthe, can be neurotoxic in large quantities
quantities. It is therefore advisable to use it in moderation and
caution, especially internally. Always consult a professional
health before integrating absinthe into your natural care routine.

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