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Brede Mafana (Acmella oleracea) Seeds.

Brede Mafana (Acmella oleracea) Seeds.

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What is Brède Mafane?

Brède Mafane, scientifically known as Acmella oleracea, is a plant with small yellow flowers and a bright red heart, famous for the pungent and invigorating sensation it provides. Originally from the tropics, it seduces gardening enthusiasts and collectors around the world with its ease of cultivation and its unique culinary uses. This plant is part of the Asteraceae family and is also called Spilanthes oleracea. Brède Mafane flowers, often accompanied by rice, are an essential element of the Malagasy national dish, Romazava.

Why cultivate Brède Mafane?

Growing Brède Mafane is a rewarding experience for any beginner gardener or collector. Its medicinal properties and pungent effect make it an exceptional addition to any plant collection or vegetable garden. It is not only appreciated for its taste qualities in many recipes but also for its attractive aesthetic. Brède Mafane is particularly popular in traditional dishes, such as Malagasy anamalaho, where the leaves and flowers in bud are used for their unique flavor.

How to cultivate Brède Mafane?

Brède Mafane is surprisingly easy to grow. It prefers sunny to partial shade locations and well-drained soil. The seeds can be sown directly in the ground in spring, after all risk of frost, ideally mid-May. Regular watering and a moderate addition of compost will promote healthy and rapid growth. The flowering period is generally from July to October. The leaves, good to eat, add a spicy and invigorating note to salads and other culinary preparations.

What are the benefits of Brède Mafane?

The benefits of Brède Mafane are numerous. It is renowned for its action on the stimulation of the taste buds and its traditional use in the relief of certain ailments. Its ability to transform a simple salad into a sensory experience makes Brède Mafane a prized plant in cuisines around the world. In addition, it is used in the preparation of exotic drinks, such as amber rum and mafana rum, available from Maison Saka Spirits. The combination of its medicinal properties and its culinary uses makes it particularly valuable.

Where to find quality Brède Mafane seeds?

For enthusiasts wishing to add this unique plant to their collection, high quality Brède Mafane seeds are available from suppliers specializing in exotic and aromatic plants. Make sure you choose seeds from responsible, sustainable crops to ensure the best start to your crop. You can find Brède Mafane seeds also in stores offering local and organic products, such as organic honey, often used in combination with this plant to create innovative recipes.

Discover, grow, savor – Brède Mafane is waiting to join your collection of unique plants.

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