The broth cube tree

Cedrela Toona

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Cedrela Toona: Explore the Bouillon Cube Tree with LEGBA

Cedrela Toona: Explore the Bouillon Cube Tree with LEGBA

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Discover Cedrela Toona on LEGBA, nicknamed the stock cube tree for its unique aroma. Although not recognized as edible in France, this majestic tree enriches gardens with its beauty and fragrance.

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Plant available from April to the end of October

Detailed Description and Benefits

Cedrela Toona is famous in its country of origin for the aroma
distinctive of its leaves, often compared to that of stock cubes,
hence his nickname. Although used in Asian cuisine, in France,
it is not classified as a food due to strict regulations
on new foods. However, it is possible to do
experience its unique fragrance by inhalation or by contact, without
ingestion. With LEGBA, explore the history, culture and use
traditional Cedrela Toona, as well as advice for integrating it
in your garden.

How to cultivate it? Growing guide

Growing Cedrela Toona offers a unique opportunity to add a
exotic element to your green space. This tree prefers a climate
temperate to warm and well-drained soil. But it is also frost-proof (-20°C)
Follow our guide to LEGBA to learn how to plant, care for and appreciate the natural beauty of
Cedrela Toona, from its lush foliage to its
impressive white flowers.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

Cedrela Toona is surrounded by mystery and tradition. In his country
of origin, it is not only appreciated for its fragrance in cooking but
also for its medicinal values. Legends say that this
tree was a symbol of longevity and health. On LEGBA, we
share fascinating stories and cultural uses of Cedrela
Toona, enriching your knowledge of this unique plant.


Q: Why is Cedrela Toona not considered edible in France?

A: Due to novel food regulations in France, Cedrela Toona has not been evaluated for safe consumption and is therefore officially not recognized as edible.

Q: How can I enjoy the aroma of Cedrela Toona without consuming it?

A: You can experience its scent by gently crushing the leaves between your fingers or bringing them to your nose, allowing for an olfactory experience without ingestion. You can also put it in your mouth but without swallowing it.

Q: Is Cedrela Toona difficult to grow?

A: No, with the right conditions, Cedrela Toona can be a hardy, undemanding addition to your garden, providing aesthetic and aromatic interest all year round.

Q: Any leaf with this aroma?

A: No, these are young shoots. The larger the leaves, the less aroma there is.

Further information

If Cedrela Toona is appreciated in its country of origin for its
culinary use, it is important to note that its consumption
is not authorized in France as food. On LEGBA, we
encourage respectful and legal exploration of this plant
fascinating, emphasizing its ornamental and

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