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Damiana - Turnera Diffusa- Seeds

Damiana - Turnera Diffusa- Seeds

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What mysteries does Turnera diffusa hide?

Turnera diffusa , or damiana, is more than just an ornamental plant. By exploring its ethnobotanical history, we discover its ancestral use by indigenous peoples for its relaxing and aphrodisiac virtues. For those interested in the "benefits of Turnera diffusa" or wishing to "buy damiana seeds", growing damiana offers a fascinating insight into its "medicinal properties". Find out how to integrate this traditional plant, rich in history, into your garden to benefit from it on a daily basis.

How to Grow Damiana from Seeds?

Embark on the adventure of Damiana culture: a journey accessible to all. Imagine a plant that thrives in the bright sun, requiring little to flourish. Damiana, with its preference for light and its love of arid soils, is the ideal companion for gardeners looking to diversify their green oasis. Its resilience to dry conditions and its ability to adapt make it a preferred choice, even for those new to the art of gardening. Add a hint of symbiosis with mycorrhizae for spectacular flowering and a robust plant, ready to beautify your outdoor space.

The benefits: What is the point of growing Damiana?

Damiana is renowned for its multiple benefits, including its libido-boosting effects and its potential as a natural antidepressant. It is also appreciated for its relaxing action, helping to reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, damiana is studied for its antioxidant properties and support for digestive health. To learn more about its benefits and applications, it is advisable to consult sources specializing in herbal medicine.


  • How to grow damiana from seeds ? Damiana seeds require well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade for optimal germination.

  • When to sow damiana seeds ? It is best to sow damiana seeds in spring, after the last frost.

  • Does damiana require special care? Damiana is relatively easy to care for, requiring moderate watering and protection from frost.

  • What are the benefits of damiana seeds ? Damiana seeds give rise to a plant known for its relaxing effects and its aphrodisiac potential.

  • Can we use damiana for cooking? Damiana leaves from the seeds can be used to flavor dishes and infusions.

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Perennial medicinal plant


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