Red Goji - Lycium Barbarum Seeds.

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RED Goji- Lycium barbarum Seeds

RED Goji- Lycium barbarum Seeds

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Description :

Discover red goji seeds, a botanical treasure, offered by Legba, your bridge between the visible and invisible world of plants. Goji, also called Lycium Barbarum, is famous for its berries with multiple virtues, and now we offer you the opportunity to grow this exceptional plant directly at home. Our red goji seeds are carefully selected for their superior quality and their ability to produce vigorous and productive plants.

Use and Benefits:

Goji berries are recognized for their antioxidant properties, their richness in vitamins and minerals, and their beneficial role on the immune system. They can be eaten dried, in juice, or integrated into various dishes and pastries. Growing your own goji ensures you have a fresh and natural source of these precious berries, in addition to the pleasure of watching a plant with strong ornamental potential grow.

Culture Guide:

Red goji seeds require well-drained soil and a sunny to partial shade position. They are cold hardy and adapt to various climates, making them an accessible crop for many gardeners. Sowing can be done in pots or in the ground, with particular attention to watering and spacing of plants to encourage their growth.

Why choose Legba Botanique?

By choosing Legba for your red goji seeds, you are choosing a company that values ​​the originality, rarity and history of each plant. Our products are the result of a passion for the invisible interactions between the plant world and humans, with a commitment to the transmission of knowledge and botanical curiosity. Join our community of enthusiasts and grow more than plants: cultivate a unique connection with nature.

Order now to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of botany and benefit from the natural benefits of red goji in your own garden.

Shipping info (size, period...)

The seeds are available all year round, packaged as 20 Lycium Barbarum seeds in waterproof doypack bags.

Detailed Description and Benefits

Botanical Description:

The plant known as Red Goji belongs to the Solanaceae family, which is also the tomato and eggplant family. These plants share botanical characteristics like bell-shaped flowers and fruits that are berries. Goji is classified as perennial, meaning it can live for more than two years, enduring through the seasons with a life cycle that repeats year after year.

Active Components and Benefits:

Goji berries are loaded with beneficial compounds, including antioxidants like carotenoids, vitamins like vitamin C, and minerals. These substances are known for their ability to help maintain a healthy immune system. Additionally, they are often discussed in the context of “longevity” and “vitality,” terms that reflect the general wellness benefits of these berries.


The versatility of Red Goji is impressive, finding a place not only in cups of tea for their flavor and comforting qualities, but also in cooking, where the dried berries can be sprinkled into salads or sweet dishes. They are also found in certain supplements, intended to enrich the daily diet. It is also reported that these berries can be used for the general well-being of pets, although this should be done under the supervision of a pet care professional.

For an audience of young adults, let us understand that these berries are not only nutritious, but that they are also used in a broader framework of health and well-being management, always respecting the limits posed by nature and under the advice of botanical experts.

The use of these berries is a great example of how plants and humans interact, and by growing Red Goji seeds one can bring a touch of this ancestral and botanical wisdom into one's own environment.

How to cultivate it? Growing guide


  • Preparing seeds: Stratify seeds in the refrigerator for a week to simulate winter.
  • Soil: Use a light, well-drained potting soil enriched with compost.
  • Watering: Keep the soil moist but not saturated, avoid excess water.
  • Sowing temperature: Ideally between 18°C ​​and 25°C for good germination.

Crucial Periods:

  • Sowing period: Sowing is done in spring, after the last frost.
  • Flowering time: Flowers appear in summer, followed by berries.

Growing the Adult Plant:

  • Temperature and exposure: Likes full sun or partial shade, with moderate to warm temperatures.
  • Hardiness: Resilient plant that can tolerate temperatures down to -15°C once established.
  • Fruiting: Wait 2 to 3 years for abundant berry production.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

The name "goji" is actually an approximation of the pronunciation of the Chinese expression "gouqi", which is the name of the berry in Mandarin.

Goji berries have been used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine, not only as a food, but also as a way to treat various ailments.

According to legend, goji berries were discovered by a Chinese herbalist over 2,000 years ago, when he observed that people living near a well where goji berries grew had a longer life expectancy. long and a more youthful appearance.

In some cultures, goji berries are symbolic of longevity and well-being, often given as gifts as a sign of wishes for good health.

Red goji seeds are often associated with Taoism, where they are said to aid in the practice of meditation and to enhance spiritual harmony.

In the Ningxia Autonomous Region of China, there is even an annual festival dedicated to celebrating goji berries, highlighting their cultural and economic importance.

Red goji seeds are sometimes called "red diamonds" in some regions because of their perceived value and bright, colorful appearance.

Goji seeds are also linked to mythological tales, with some suggesting they were consumed by immortals in ancient Chinese fables to retain their youth and vitality.

In Asian folklore, goji berries are sometimes connected to passion and love, possibly due to their bright red color which is often associated with these emotions.

Due to their growing popularity in the West, goji berries have become a symbol of the globalization of healthy eating practices and the merging of traditional medicines with modern approaches to wellness.


Question 1: What are Red Goji seeds?

Answer: Red Goji seeds come from the Goji berry, a fruit of Lycium Barbarum, a perennial plant in the Solanaceae family. These seeds are valued for their potential to produce berries rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Question 2: How to grow Red Goji seeds?

Answer: To grow Red Goji seeds, first stratify them in the refrigerator, plant them in well-drained soil and water them moderately. They prefer a sunny exposure to partial shade and moderate temperatures.

Question 3: When should Red Goji seeds be sown?

Answer: The best time to sow Red Goji seeds is in spring, after the last frost, to give them enough time to germinate and become established before winter.

Question 4: How long does it take for Red Goji seeds to germinate?

Answer: Red Goji seed germination can take between 1 to 2 weeks under ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

Question 5: What are the benefits of Red Goji berries?

Answer: Red Goji berries are known for their richness in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, contributing to general well-being, immune system health and longevity.

Question 6: Are Red Goji seeds easy to grow?

Answer: With proper care, including good sunlight, moderate watering, and protection from extreme frost, Red Goji seeds can be relatively easy to grow.

Question 7: Can Red Goji seeds be grown in pots?

Answer: Yes, Red Goji seeds can be grown in pots, provided you choose a container large enough to accommodate their growing root system and ensure good drainage.

Question 8: How to use Red Goji berries once harvested?

Answer: Red Goji berries can be consumed fresh, dried, in juice, tea or included in various culinary recipes for additional nutritional support.

Further information

Method of Culture and Legislation in France

At Legba, we take an environmentally friendly approach to growing our precious Red Goji seeds. Our method is based on a natural balance between auxiliary organisms and pests, guaranteeing healthy development of the plant without the intervention of chemicals, with total respect for biodiversity. We also favor the use of rainwater for irrigation, minimizing our ecological footprint and supporting sustainable growth of Goji berries.

In accordance with French legislation, we ensure that our Red Goji seeds are grown and marketed in full compliance with current standards. The production of Organic Goji berries is regulated to ensure optimal quality and full traceability, in accordance with organic certifications as indicated by the FR BIO-15 label, guaranteeing products of excellence and delivered on time

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