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Calea Zacatechichi Dried Herb - Dream Portal

Calea Zacatechichi Dried Herb - Dream Portal

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Immerse yourself in the dreamlike universe with our dried Calea Zacatechichi herb, carefully prepared to enrich your nights with lucid dreams and spiritual journeys. Discover a naturally preserved gateway to inner exploration.

Detailed Description and Benefits: Our dried Calea Zacatechichi herb, also known as "dream leaf", is an invitation to navigate the realm of dreams with unparalleled clarity. Selected for its superior quality, this herb is naturally dried to preserve its richness in active compounds, providing a pure and authentic experience. Traditionally used by healers for its visionary properties, Calea Zacatechichi dried herb is your ally for nights filled with meaningful dreams and an awakened consciousness in the world of dreams.

Directions for Use: Infuse a teaspoon of our dried herb in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes before bed to set the stage for dreamlike adventures. For those wanting a more intense experience, the herb can be incorporated into meditation practices or used in under-the-pillow dream sachets.

Did you know ? Enchanted Stories: La Calea Zacatechichi is shrouded in mystery and folklore. Ancient shamans considered it a gift from the gods, capable of revealing the messages hidden in the fabric of our dreams. It was often used in nighttime rituals to facilitate communication with the spiritual world and uncover deeply buried truths.


  • What is the difference between dried herb and fresh plant?

    • Dried Calea Zacatechichi herb concentrates the active ingredients of the plant, providing a more intense experience and longer preservation.
  • How to store dried herb to preserve its quality?

    • Store the herb in a cool, dry place out of direct light to maintain its potency and extend its lifespan.

LEGBA Commitment: At LEGBA, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, ethically sourced and naturally preserved dried herbs. Calea Zacatechichi in dried grass is an invitation to rediscover the power of your dreams, while respecting nature and its cycles.

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Perennial medicinal plant


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