Ilex Paraguariensis - Seeds

Each Ilex paraguariensis seed is a promise of vitality. Cultivate
much more than a plant: create a corner of culture
South American at home. Let yourself be intoxicated by the aroma of Yerba Mate
and discover the invigorating power of this extraordinary plant.
Take part in tradition, reap excellence.

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ilex paraguariensis - seeds

ilex paraguariensis - seeds

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Title: Seeds of Ilex paraguariensis – A Passage between the Visible and the Invisible

Discover the seeds of Ilex paraguariensis, a plant with a rich South American heritage, now available from Legba, your door to botanical secrets. Embracing our slogan “At the Crossroads of Plants and People,” these seeds represent not only an opportunity for growth, but also an invitation to explore the subtle interactions between nature and humanity.

Botanical Description and Origin

Ilex paraguariensis, commonly known as Yerba Mate, is an evergreen tree native to the subtropical regions of South America. With its robust leaves and small red berries, it is the source of the traditional Mate infusion, prized for its energizing and medicinal properties.

Benefits and Uses

The seeds of Ilex paraguariensis give rise to a tree whose leaves are used to prepare mate, a drink known for its antioxidant properties, its stimulating effect and its benefits on cardiovascular health and digestion. A living link between ancestral traditions and modern well-being.

Culture Guide

Growing Ilex paraguariensis from seed is a rewarding experience. These trees prefer a moist, shady environment, with well-drained soil. We will provide you with a detailed guide to accompany you step by step through the germination and growth process, making each plant a member of the Legba community.

Legba’s commitment

At Legba, each seed tells a story. By choosing our Ilex paraguariensis seeds, you participate in a botanical adventure that respects the values ​​of transmission, curiosity and community. Our ethical collection and distribution practices ensure that every purchase supports biodiversity and knowledge sharing.

Why choose Legba?

  • Atypical and rare varieties
  • Commitment to sustainability and ethics
  • Contribution to the transmission of botanical knowledge

Join the Legba community and let Ilex paraguariensis seeds guide you at the crossroads of worlds. Order now to begin your unique botanical journey!

Shipping info (size, period...)

Shipping Information for our Ilex Paraguariensis Seeds

Quality packaging: We take great care of our precious Ilex paraguariensis seeds .

Each sachet contains 10 carefully selected seeds, mainly from our mother plants, testifying to the quality and purity of our offer.

Our seeds are packaged in airtight doypacks to guarantee their freshness and viability to your garden.

Flexible shipping options:

For an order consisting exclusively of seeds, we favor sending by tracked letter, allowing you to trace your package and ensure safe reception. This option is ideal for fast and economical delivery directly to your mailbox.

For larger orders or those containing other items, we also offer shipping via Colissimo and Point Relais. These options provide more flexibility for receiving your order, depending on your needs and preferences.

Commitment to our customers: At Legba, we are committed to providing you with a reliable and efficient shipping service.

We ensure that every order is handled with the utmost care, ensuring that your Ilex paraguariensis seeds reach you in the best condition.

We invite you to select the shipping option that suits you best when finalizing your order.

For any questions or specific requests regarding shipping, our team is available to assist you.

Detailed Description and Benefits

Botanical Description of Ilex Paraguensis

Ilex paraguariensis, also known as Yerba Mate, is a perennial plant in the Aquifoliaceae family, the same family as holly, often recognized for its spiny leaves and bright red berries.

Yerba Mate is distinguished by its dense foliage and small white flowers, which later give way to fruit.

The plant is native to South America and is valued for its robustness and longevity.

Components and Benefits

This plant contains active ingredients such as caffeine, antioxidants, and vitamins which are used in herbal medicine: a practice of alternative medicine using plant extracts and natural active ingredients.

Although mainly recognized for its virtues in humans, some of these components can also be present in products intended for animals, often with the aim of strengthening vitality. However, use in animals must be supervised by a professional.

Various Uses

In addition to its uses in herbal medicine, Ilex paraguariensis is an excellent addition to the garden, not only for its ornamental character but also for its edible properties.

The leaves of the plant are used to prepare mate, an invigorating infusion popular in South America.

Its dried leaves can also be used to make compost, enriching the soil with essential nutrients.

As a perennial plant, it can provide permanent structure and attracts various pollinators, playing an important ecological role.

In summary, Ilex paraguariensis is a multifaceted plant, offering both aesthetic benefits for the garden and benefits in terms of well-being.

It is grown for the beauty of its presence, but also for the richness of its leaves, which invite you to discover age-old traditions and share a cup of mate with friends.

How to cultivate it? Growing Guide

Growing Guide for Ilex Paraguariensis


  • Preparing the seeds : Soak the seeds for 24 hours to encourage germination.
  • Type of soil : Opt for a rich, draining potting soil, with a slightly acidic to neutral pH.
  • Watering : Keep the soil evenly moist, without excess water, especially during germination.
  • Sowing Temperature : Seedlings thrive at an ambient temperature of 20°C to 25°C.
  • Sowing time : The best time to sow is in spring, after all risk of frost.
  • Flowering Time : Expect flowers from summer to fall, depending on the climate.


  • Exposure : Choose a location with subdued sun or light shade.
  • Ideal temperature : Yerba mate is best between 18°C ​​and 24°C during its active growth phase.
  • Hardiness : This plant is quite robust and can tolerate temperatures down to -7°C once established.
  • Fruiting : The first berries often appear after 4 to 5 years of cultivation.
  • Germination time : Seeds may take 30 to 60 days to germinate.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

  1. Origin of name : Ilex paraguariensis is derived from the Greek "ilex", meaning "oak", and "paraguariensis" referring to Paraguay, where this plant is abundant.
  2. Nickname “the tree of well-being” : Due to its many stimulating and beneficial properties, Yerba Mate is often called “the tree of well-being”.
  3. Symbolism in indigenous cultures : Among the indigenous peoples of South America, Yerba Mate symbolizes hospitality and social bonding, with the Mate ceremony being a moment of sharing and community.
  4. Guarani and Mate : The Guarani tribe, native to the region where Ilex paraguariensis grows, is recognized for having discovered and cultivated Mate for generations, using the plant in their rituals and as currency.
  5. In Guarani mythology : Yerba Mate was often associated with the goddess of the moon and the cloud who would have given the plant to the Guarani as a remedy.
  6. The Jesuits and Mate : Jesuit missionaries played a significant role in the spread of Yerba Mate cultivation, seeing the plant as a way to socialize and convert indigenous peoples.
  7. During colonial periods : Ilex paraguariensis was so valuable that it was often used as currency and played a role in the economy of the South American colonies.
  8. The Mate Revolution : In the 1770s, the cultivation of Yerba Mate led to the "Guerra del Mate" or War of the Mate, where control of the plant was hotly contested between the Spanish and Portuguese.
  9. Religious Symbolism : Although not specifically sacred in major religions, Yerba Mate is often associated with Mother Earth in indigenous beliefs, emphasizing its role in fertility and life.
  10. Historical Trivia : The famous South American liberator, Simon Bolivar, is said to have been an avid Mate drinker, consuming it for energy and inspiration during military campaigns.


What is Ilex paraguariensis seed and where does it come from?
The seed of Ilex paraguariensis, also known as Yerba Mate, is native to the subtropical regions of South America. It is renowned for its stimulating properties and is used in the preparation of the traditional Mate infusion.

How to grow Ilex paraguariensis seeds at home?
To grow Ilex paraguariensis seed, start by soaking the seeds for 24 hours to encourage germination. Then plant them in a fertile, well-drained substrate, maintaining an ambient temperature of 20-25°C. Water regularly to keep the soil moist.

When is the best time to sow Ilex paraguariensis seeds?
The best time to sow Ilex paraguariensis seed is in spring, after the last frost, to maximize growing time during the warm months.

What are the benefits of Ilex paraguariensis seed?
Ilex paraguariensis seed is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is traditionally used for its stimulating effects and can help improve concentration and energy.

How long does it take for Ilex paraguariensis seed to germinate?
Ilex paraguariensis seed germination can take between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

Is Ilex paraguariensis a hardy plant?
Yes, Ilex paraguariensis is relatively hardy once established and can withstand temperatures down to -5°C. However, it prefers milder climates for optimal growth.

Can we eat the leaves of the plant from the seed of Ilex paraguariensis?
Absolutely, the leaves of the plant derived from the seed of Ilex paraguariensis are used to prepare Mate, a traditional South American infusion appreciated for its energizing and nutritional properties.

Further information

At Legba, we are committed to offering the best Ilex paraguariensis seeds , grown with respect for nature.

Our cultivation approach favors a harmonious balance between auxiliaries and pests, thus guaranteeing a healthy garden ecosystem without the intervention of chemicals or organic products, in accordance with our ecological principles. We exclusively use rainwater to irrigate our crops, minimizing our water footprint and ensuring the purity of our products.

We are also attentive to French legislation concerning Ilex paraguariensis seeds .

Complying with current regulations, our seeds can be purchased and grown legally on French territory.

It is important to note that, although the cultivation of this plant is authorized, the consumption of its leaves in the form of an infusion must be done in accordance with the recommendations for use, in order to guarantee an experience that is both pleasant and safe. .

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