Growing henbane with LEGBA means embracing a part of history
botany rich in mysteries and legends. This plant, both
beautiful and feared, recalls the close link between nature, medicine
and ancient beliefs, offering a window into the past and its
forgotten practices.

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Henbane: Between Witches’ Mysteries and Ancient Virtues

Henbane: Between Witches’ Mysteries and Ancient Virtues

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LEGBA reveals the secrets of Henbane, a legendary plant linked to witches and magic. Discover white and black Henbane, two toxic varieties with hallucinogenic and medicinal properties, shrouded in myths and fascinating stories since Antiquity.

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Plant available from April to the end of October

Detailed Description and Benefits

Henbane, white and black, belong to the genus Hyoscyamus and
are full of alkaloids such as atropine and scopolamine, giving
these plants have powerful and potentially dangerous effects.
Used with caution, they have been used in the past to soothe
ailments such as toothache, while shrouded in mystery
related to witches' potions and transfigurations.

How to cultivate it? Growing guide

  • Earth : Prefers light soil, rich in minerals, ideally slightly stony.
  • Exposure : Requires full sun to fully flourish.
  • Watering : Moderate, with increased frequency in summer, and reduced in winter.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

Henbane is surrounded by legends, notably the one where the magician
Circe transformed Odysseus' companions into swine using a
philter containing this plant. These stories, associated with its effects
hallucinogens, testify to the unique place of Henbane in
the collective imagination, oscillating between healing and


  1. Is it safe to grow Henbane at home?
    With careful handling and knowledge of its effects, the
    Henbane can be an intriguing addition to the garden, but always
    with caution.
  2. Do Henbanes have medicinal uses today?
    Despite their rich history of medicinal applications, the risks associated
    their toxicity limits their use in modern medicine.
  3. How was henbane linked to witches?
    The hallucinogenic effects and potency of Henbane have contributed to
    its association with magic, potions and wizarding rites to
    through the ages.
  4. When does Henbane flower?
    Flowering takes place from May to September, offering a spectacle of delicate and mysterious flowers.
  5. How to sow Henbane?
    Sowing is done in fine potting soil, with a light covering of
    soil, followed by regular watering until the seeds emerge.
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