Silver vine

Cultivating Argyreia nervosa from LEGBA means inviting a plant into your home.
both magnificent and shrouded in mystery. Its decorative potential and
its connection with spiritual traditions makes it a captivating choice
for lovers of botany and natural history.

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Silver Liana: Spiritual Journey with Argyreia Nervosa

Silver Liana: Spiritual Journey with Argyreia Nervosa

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Discover with LEGBA the Silver Vine (Argyreia nervosa), an exotic climbing plant with large heart-shaped leaves and captivating purple flowers. Appreciated for its ornamental potential and its traditional uses in spiritual rituals, this vine invites the awakening of the senses and contemplation.

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Plant available from April to the end of October

Detailed Description and Benefits

The Silver Liana, native to tropical regions, is famous for
its links with various spiritual and shamanic practices. His
seeds, used in certain crops for their properties
psychotropic drugs, are shrouded in mystery and respect. As
as an ornamental element, Argyreia nervosa brings a touch of exoticism
and majesty to any garden, with its velvety leaves and flowers

How to cultivate it? Growing guide

  • Light : Prefers a sunny to partially shaded location for optimal growth.
  • Temperature : Withstands slightly cool temperatures, but thrives in heat.
  • Soil : Likes rich, well-drained, moist soil.
  • Watering : Requires regular watering, especially during periods of active growth.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

The Silver Vine is surrounded by traditions and legends, used
by shamans for its seeds with visionary properties. This
sacred use requires knowledge and caution, emphasizing the
deep connection between man and the plant world.


  1. How to maintain the Silver Vine?
    With basic care in terms of water, soil and light, the Liane
    Silver is relatively easy to grow, quickly adding
    greenery to your space.
  2. Can the Silver Vine be grown in a pot?
    Yes, it can be grown in a pot, provided you provide it with a
    support for climbing and to respect its needs for water and light.
  3. What is the flowering season for the Silver Liana?
    It usually blooms in late summer or fall, offering spectacular purple flowers.
  4. Is the Silver Vine resistant to parasites?
    Like any plant, it can be subject to attacks by parasites,
    but good care and maintenance practice can minimize these
  5. Can I use Silver Vine seeds for spiritual practices?
    Although the seeds have been used in contexts
    traditional, their handling requires great caution and is
    not recommended without in-depth knowledge of their effects.
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