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Blue Lotus Dried Flowers with Stamens

Blue Lotus Dried Flowers with Stamens

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Dried Blue Lotus: A Pure Natural Wonder

Discover our dried Blue Lotus, a treasure of nature with multiple virtues. With its beautiful vibrant color, its captivating fragrance and its carefully preserved whole flowers, our selection represents the quintessence of the Blue Lotus, guaranteeing unrivaled quality on the market.

Benefits and Uses

Blue Lotus is renowned for its soothing and relaxing effects, promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep. Its active ingredients, including apomorphine, are recognized for their potential to support those battling opioid addiction. In higher doses, this majestic plant offers a feeling of euphoria, acting as a natural sedative without the side effects of chemical sleeping pills.

In traditional medicine, the Blue Lotus is used for its beneficial health properties: reduction of lipid levels in the blood, purification of the blood, strengthening of the immune system, and much more. Its stamens, rich in flavonoids, fight free radicals and contribute to youthful skin. In addition, its aphrodisiac nature stimulates sexuality and desire, for men and women.

Usage Precautions

We invite you to discover this rare product for its captivating aroma or as a collector's item. However, for medicinal use, we recommend prior consultation with a healthcare professional.

A Journey Through History

The ancient Egyptians highly valued the Blue Lotus, using it in their wine for its mild aphrodisiac effects and to induce relaxation and inner peace. This fascinating plant, rich in antioxidants such as nuciferine and lotusin, was also used for its analgesic properties and its positive influence on blood circulation. In mythology, the Blue Lotus symbolized protection and purity, and was associated with Nefertem, the god of perfumes, often represented with a lotus flower.

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Taille du plant à l'expédition : 20-50cm.
Pot de 8x8cm ou 11x11cm (en fonction de la période de l'année).
Plante médicinale vivace


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