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Mandrake seeds

Mandrake seeds

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Having the Mandrake in your home means welcoming a symbol of mystery and transformation, enriching your space with its captivating history and legendary virtues.

Mandrake is famous for its fleshy root with singular shapes that recall the human silhouette, source of many superstitions and myths throughout the ages. Native to the Mediterranean basin, this plant from the Solanaceae family flowers gracefully, revealing small bell-shaped purple flowers, from early autumn to the end of winter. Its leaves spread out in a rosette and its yellow or red berries when ripe add a touch of exoticism and diversity to your green space.

Growing Mandrake is an art that requires care and attention. With our seeds, you have the opportunity to see a plant grow with historical, medicinal properties and shrouded in mystery. Planting requires rich, deep, well-drained soil, with a sunny or partial shade exposure to thrive. Although the Mandrake is a robust plant, capable of withstanding temperatures down to -20°C, it will surprise you with its growth and the blossoming of its flowers.

Legba is committed to providing you with the highest quality seeds, ethically and sustainably sourced. By choosing our Mandrake seeds, you are not only embracing a piece of plant history, but you are also contributing to the conservation of a rare and valuable species. Join our community of enthusiasts and let the magic of Mandrake enrich your garden and your mind.

Discover the secrets of the Mandrake and bring a touch of mystery to your garden. Buy your Mandrake seeds now from Legba and start your own plant legend.

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Plant size when shipped: 20-50cm.
Pot measuring 8x8cm or 11x11cm (depending on the time of year).
Perennial medicinal plant


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