Matatabi / Actinidia polygama

The kiwi of cats

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MATATABI Cat: Asian treasure for your felines – LEGBA

MATATABI Cat: Asian treasure for your felines – LEGBA

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Matatabi: An Irresistible Plant for Cats

Matatabi, a treasure of Asia, is famous for its irresistible appeal to cats, comparable to catnip (Nepeta cataria catnip). This plant, carefully chosen by the sorcerer LEGBA, stands out not only for its fascinating properties but also for its ornamental beauty. Its glossy green leaves and white flowers make it a wonderful addition to any green space, promising a touch of exoticism and mystery.

Why Do Cats Like Matatabi?

Matatabi, also known as silver vine, is a climbing plant native to China and Japan. Cats find the Matatabi stick irresistible and love rolling around on the floor while playing with it. Matatabi sticks release an essential oil that stimulates felines for approximately 30 minutes, offering them a unique pleasure.

The Properties and Uses of Matatabi

In addition to its appeal to cats, the Matatabi has remarkable ornamental properties. Matatabi chew sticks are popular for their stimulating and relaxing effects in cats. These sticks are perfect for entertaining them and maintaining their well-being.

Why Choose LEGBA Matatabi Products?

At LEGBA, we carefully select our plants and products to guarantee the best quality. By adding Matatabi to your garden, you offer your cats a natural treasure and a beautified green space. Our Matatabi sticks are a great way to entertain your felines while enriching your garden with exotic plants.

Enrich Your Green Space with Matatabi

Matatabi is a magical plant that adds a touch of Asia to your garden while bringing pleasure to your cats. Discover our Matatabi sticks and let your felines enjoy the wonders of this exceptional plant.

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Plant available from April to the end of October

Detailed Description and Benefits

MATATABI is a multi-faceted plant, renowned for its euphoric effect on cats, who happily roll and rub against its stems. Beyond this playful aspect, it is a plant which seduces with its natural elegance and its resistance to cold, capable
to adapt to various environments. Its small, attractive and decorative berries add extra charm to this already captivating plant.

How to cultivate it? Growing guide

This climbing vine prefers well-drained soil and can be planted in full sun or partial shade. It requires a support to climb on, such as a trellis or pergola, to reveal its full
ornamental potential. Durable and undemanding, MATATABI is a perfect choice for gardeners looking to add dimension to the
both aesthetic and fun in their garden.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

The MATATABI is not only a treat for our feline friends; it is steeped in legends and traditions in its native Asia. LEGBA you
takes you on a journey through history, exploring the traditional uses of MATATABI in Asian cultures, where it is sometimes used in rituals and ceremonies for its symbolism of purity and joy.


  • Q: Is MATATABI only for cats?
    A: Although famous for its effect on cats, MATATABI is also appreciated for its ornamental qualities in the garden.
  • Q: How do I maintain my MATATABI plant?
    A: It requires little maintenance, just regular watering and a little pruning to encourage growth.
  • Q: Are MATATABI berries edible?
    A: Berries are primarily decorative; it is advised not to consume them without proper knowledge.
  • Q: Can I plant MATATABI in a pot?
    A: Yes, with adequate support, MATATABI can thrive in a pot, ideal for balconies or terraces.
  • Q: When does MATATABI flower?
    A: Flowering generally occurs in early summer, offering delicate, fragrant white flowers.
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