Maximize the growth of your plants with mycorrhizae!
This natural symbiosis strengthens the health of your plants by improving
their nutrition and their resistance to difficult conditions. Make
your garden a green space.

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Mycorrhizae: efficient, natural and easy

Mycorrhizae: efficient, natural and easy

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Discover the Magic of Mycorrhizae

What are mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that establish a symbiosis with plant roots, improving their ability to absorb water and essential nutrients. By using mycorrhizae, you can transform your garden and ensure healthier, more vigorous plants.

The Benefits of Mycorrhizae

Improved Nutrient Absorption.

Mycorrhizae increase the absorptive surface area of ​​roots, allowing plants to better draw up nutrients like phosphorus, zinc and copper, leading to faster, more robust growth.

Increased Resistance to Drought.

Fungi help roots access water deep in the soil, reducing water stress and increasing plant resistance to periods of drought.

Reduction of Stress and Illness.

By improving nutrient and water absorption, mycorrhizae help reduce plant stress. In addition, they occupy the space around the roots, preventing pathogens from settling there.

Improvement of Soil Structure.

Mycorrhizae help improve soil structure by increasing organic matter and promoting soil stability. It also contributes to carbon sequestration, a key factor in the fight against climate change.

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How to use it?

When Planting: Apply the mycorrhizal product directly into the planting hole or around the roots of young plants to establish a symbiotic relationship from the start. Then water

For Established Plants: Mix the product with water and apply it around the base of plants so that fungi reach existing roots and improve their health.

Incorporation into Potting Soil: Add the mycorrhizal product to your potting mix to ensure that all new plantings benefit from this beneficial symbiosis from the start.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

Did you know ?

Mycorrhizae were discovered in the late 19th century by a Polish scientist named Franciszek Kamienski. By studying the interactions between plants and soil fungi, Kamienski identified fungi forming a beneficial symbiotic relationship with plant roots.

This partnership allows plants to more efficiently absorb water and nutrients from the soil, while providing carbohydrates to fungi in return​ ( University of Missouri IPM )​​ ​.

Today, this symbiotic relationship is recognized as essential for plant health and growth, both in natural ecosystems and in modern agriculture. Mycorrhizae play a crucial role in improving plants' drought tolerance, increasing disease resistance, and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers​ ( University of Missouri IPM )​​ ​.

By integrating mycorrhizae into your gardening practices, you can not only improve the vitality of your plants, but also contribute to a more sustainable approach to horticulture.


1.What are mycorrhizae and how do they work?
Mycorrhizae are symbiotic fungi that associate with
plant roots. This mutualistic relationship allows plants
to increase their absorption of water and essential nutrients such as
phosphorus, zinc and copper. In exchange, the mushrooms receive
carbohydrates produced by the plant through photosynthesis. This partnership
improves plant growth and resilience to stress

2. What are the benefits of using mycorrhizae in my garden?
The use of mycorrhizae offers many advantages:

  • Increased nutrient absorption
  • Better resistance to drought
  • Reduced plant stress
  • Improvement of soil structure.

3 When and how to apply mycorrhizae to obtain the best results?
It is advisable to apply mycorrhizae as soon as possible in the
plant growth cycle, ideally when sowing,
propagation or transplanting. Applying mycorrhizae early allows
maximize their impact. For application, mix the product with
water and apply it around the roots or sprinkle directly on
the soil at the time of planting.

4. Are mycorrhizas safe for edible plants?
Yes, mycorrhizae are perfectly safe for plants
edible. They promote better absorption of nutrients and
water, thus making fruits and vegetables more robust and more
drought tolerant, which leads to harvests
abundant and of better quality.

5. Are mycorrhizae compatible with other fertilizers and chemicals?
Mycorrhizae can be used with most fertilizers and
chemicals, although some precautions are necessary.
For example, high levels of phosphorus can slow down the
colonization of mycorrhizae. It is also advisable to avoid
certain fungicides that could harm beneficial fungi. In
Overall, mycorrhizae reduce the need to use fertilizer
chemicals, because they improve the efficiency of absorption of

Further information

Mycorrhizae are not only safe, but also beneficial to your garden and environment.

Safety for Plants and Soils : Mycorrhizae are perfectly safe for all plants when used correctly. Excessive application does not cause damage, as plants naturally adjust the amount of mycorrhiza they use, ensuring an optimal balance​

Safety for Children and Pets : Mycorrhizal products are safe for children and pets. They do not contain toxic substances and are therefore ideal for allotments and areas where animals play.

Compatibility with Pesticides and Fertilizers : Mycorrhizae work harmoniously with most fertilizers and pesticides. For maximum effectiveness, it is advisable to check the specific compatibility of fungicides before use, as some may affect beneficial fungi​ ( Big Foot Mycorrhizae )​​ ( Mycorrhizal Apps ).


Mycorrhizal products are carefully formulated to maximize their benefits for your plants. Here are the main components you will find in these products:

  1. Mushroom Spores : Products contain viable spores of fungi, often of the genus Glomus for arbuscular mycorrhizae and genera such as Amanita and Suillus for ectomycorrhizae. These spores are ready to colonize plant roots, improving their ability to absorb water and nutrients​ ​.
  2. Colonized Root Fragments : Some products include fragments of roots already colonized by mycorrhizae. These fragments facilitate the rapid establishment of mycorrhiza in your soil, providing immediate benefits to your plants.
  3. Natural Additives : To improve effectiveness and ease of application, natural additives such as suspending agents or carrier substrates may be included. These additives support mycorrhiza germination and establishment in various soil types and conditions.
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