Elixir of the Druids

In the mysterious lair of the Druids, where ancient wisdom meets
the miracles of nature, the Elixir of the Druids is born, a magic potion
which promises to awaken the soul and enchant the spirit. This herbal tea
is not just a drink, it is a portal to a realm where
originality and flavor reign supreme.

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Marrakesh night

Marrakesh night

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Common Questions

What is special about Druid Elixir compared to other herbal teas?

The Druid Elixir is distinguished by its unique blend of cinnamon and
grapefruit, enriched with ingredients such as apple, pear,
ginger, cocoa bean, and star anise. This composition creates
a complex and original taste experience, offering an adventure
for the senses.

How to prepare Druid Elixir to get the best taste?

For optimal tasting, use 15-20 g of the Druid Elixir
per liter of water. Steep for 10-12 minutes at a temperature
of 100°C. This method allows you to extract all the richness of the flavors
and aromas of the mixture.

Is the Druid Elixir suitable for all times of the day?

Absolutely. Whether for a moment of relaxation at the end of the day or
for a comforting break at any time, the Druid Elixir is a
versatile herbal tea that adapts to your pace of life.

Are the ingredients in Druid Elixir organic?

We are committed to using ingredients from agriculture
sustainable for our Druid Elixir, while respecting
the environment and the superior quality of our herbal tea.

Does Druid Elixir contain caffeine?

No, the Druid Elixir is a caffeine-free herbal tea, which makes it
an ideal drink for those who wish to avoid stimulants. She
can be enjoyed at any time of the day or evening without
disrupt your sleep.

Can I add sugar or honey to Druid Elixir?

Although the Druid Elixir is designed to provide balance
perfect flavors as is, you can adjust the sweetness to your
taste by adding sugar, honey or any other sweetener of your
choice. It can also soften spicy notes for those who
prefer a milder herbal tea.

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