Cultivating LEGBA Pakalana means inviting a part of
of Malaysian botanical history and heritage. Its unique scent and
its ornamental qualities make it a preferred choice for
lovers of rare and fragrant plants.

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Pakalana by LEGBA: The Fragrant Liana of Asia

Pakalana by LEGBA: The Fragrant Liana of Asia

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Explore with LEGBA the Pakalana (Telosma cordata), an exotic climbing plant from Malaysia, famous for its golden yellow flowers with a captivating scent. Although rich in nutrients, caution is advised regarding its consumption in Europe. Perfect for naturally scenting your garden, Pakalana is a botanical treasure to discover.

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Plant available from April to the end of October

Detailed Description and Benefits

The Pakalana, with its graceful appearance and its vitamin-rich flowers
A and C, is a jewel of Malaysian flora. Its flowers, used
traditionally in Asian cuisine, reveal a captivating aroma
in the evening, transforming any space into a fragrant haven. GOOD
attractive, caution is recommended regarding its consumption in
outside its natural habitat.

How to cultivate it? Growing guide

  • Water Requirement : Moderate (2/3), avoid excess water, especially in winter.
  • Brightness : Prefers moderate light but can thrive in more intense light (2/3).
  • Climate : Likes heat, with a minimum temperature of 15°C for wintering.
  • Soil : Adapts to most soils, provided they are well drained.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

In addition to its culinary use in Southeast Asia, Pakalana has marked
the world of perfumery by contributing to the famous Chanel No.5 with
its unique scent. Sold in bunches wrapped in leaves of
banana tree, this plant embodies beauty and tradition.


  1. Is Pakalana easy to grow?
    With proper care in water and light, the Pakalana is a
    fairly resilient climbing plant that adapts well to the environment
  2. Can we eat Pakalana flowers in Europe?
    Although nutritious, it is advisable not to consume the flowers of
    Pakalana in Europe due to lack of studies confirming their safety.
  3. How to maximize the fragrance of Pakalana flowers?
    Place it in a space where you can enjoy its scent in the evening and at night, when its scent is most intense.
  4. What special care does the Pakalana require in winter?
    Reduce watering and ensure a minimum temperature of 15°C to protect the plant from the cold.
  5. How can Pakalana contribute to the biodiversity of my garden?
    By attracting pollinators with its fragrant flowers and serving
    as an ornamental climbing plant, it enriches plant diversity and
    animal from your garden.
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