Bonzai chili pepper

Growing the LEGBA Chili Bonsai means inviting a piece of Italy and a bit of fire into your garden or home. Follow LEGBA's tips for optimal growth and prepare for a generous harvest of these spicy gems.

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Chili Pepper Bonsai: Italian Fire in Miniature Format

Chili Pepper Bonsai: Italian Fire in Miniature Format

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Discover the Chili Bonsai plant (Capsicum annum v.minimum) from LEGBA, an Italian treasure for lovers of spice. This compact and very productive cultivar will embellish your space with its small fiery fruits, offering an intense taste experience, perfect for gardens and pots of all sizes.

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Plant available from April to the end of October

Detailed Description and Benefits

The Chili Bonsai plant, with its compact habit and its very
productive, is a gem for any garden or balcony. Its small fruits,
measuring between 5 and 10 mm, offer an explosion of flavors, ranging
from a sweet sweetness to a spicy intensity comparable to that of
purple pepper from Ecuador and Tabasco. Cultivated with care, this Chile
Bonsai will quickly become the center of attention in your collection.

How to cultivate it? Growing guide

  • Soil : Adapts to a variety of soil types, as long as they are well-drained and nutrient-rich.
  • Exposure : Prefers a sunny exposure to maximize fruit production.
  • Watering : Requires regular watering but not excessively, to keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Location : Ideal in a pot for a bonsai effect or in the ground to allow freer development.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

The Chili Bonsai is not only admired for its ability to produce
abundantly in a small space, but also for the richness of its
taste when dried directly on the plant. This method of
unique drying intensifies its sweet flavor, while retaining its
characteristic spiciness, making each fruit a small capsule of
fire and sweetness.


  1. How to get the best taste from Chili Bonsai fruits?
    Allow the fruits to dry on the plant to fully develop their sweet and tangy taste.
  2. Is Chili Bonsai Difficult to Grow?
    No, with adequate sun exposure and well-managed watering, it is quite easy to grow and very rewarding.
  3. Can you grow Chili Bonsai indoors?
    Absolutely, its compact size makes it an ideal plant for growing
    indoors, provided there is sufficient light.
  4. How hot is Bonsai Chili compared to other chili peppers?
    It falls between the Ecuadorian purple chili pepper and Tabasco in terms of strength, offering quite a high spiciness.
  5. How to use Chili Bonsai fruits in cooking?
    Use them fresh to add spice to your dishes or dry them to intensify their flavor in sauces and condiments.
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