Root of the African dream

On LEGBA, explore the secrets of Silene capensis, the legendary
"root of the African dream", a plant that opens the doors to
perception and guide to unforgettable dreamlike journeys.

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Silene Capensis: Portal of Lucid Dreams in the African Tradition

Silene Capensis: Portal of Lucid Dreams in the African Tradition

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Silene capensis, native to the green grasslands of southern Africa, is a plant with remarkable properties, deeply rooted in African spiritual traditions. Nicknamed “the root of the African dream,” it is revered for its ability to induce vivid, lucid dreams, playing a key role in the divination and healing practices of indigenous peoples.

Healers and shamans traditionally use Silene capensis root to prepare infusions or decoctions, consumed in a ritual setting before sleep. This practice aims to facilitate communication with the ancestral world, to receive spiritual guidance through dreams and to promote inner healing.

Silene capensis is particularly appreciated for its gentle but profound action on the mind, allowing those who consume it to access dreamlike levels of consciousness rarely reached, thus promoting the exploration of the universe of dreams with clarity and increased intensity.

Possible associations

Combine Silene capensis with Entada rheedii, known as
“African dream seed”, can intensify dream experiences.
Entada rheedii is often used for its skin-stimulating properties.
dreams and can complement the effects of Silene capensis by creating a
environment conducive to lucid and meaningful dreams. This synergy
between the two African “dream aids” offers a unique opportunity
to deepen self-understanding and spiritual connection through
world of dreams.

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