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Smoky Citrus - A Sensory Journey between Smoke and Citrus

Smoky Citrus - A Sensory Journey between Smoke and Citrus

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Smoky Citrus is an invitation to discover the richness of black tea in a bold and original blend. Combining the depth of Assam OP black tea and the smoky note of Lapsang Souchong with the freshness of citrus fruits, this tea is a true symphony of flavors. For beginners and connoisseurs, Smoky Citrus is an open door to a universe where tradition meets innovation.

Why choose Smoky Citrus?

  • Unique Flavor : The combination of blood orange and lemon with characterful black teas creates an incomparable taste experience.
  • Premium Quality : Each ingredient, carefully selected, comes from sustainable agriculture , guaranteeing an experience that is both delicious and responsible.
  • Health Benefits : Black tea is renowned for its antioxidant properties, while citrus fruits provide a touch of vitamin C and a feeling of revitalizing freshness.

How to prepare Smoky Citrus?

  • Use 13 g/l of tea to fully reveal the complexity of flavors.
  • Infuse for 3-5 min at 100°C for perfect extraction, neither too strong nor too light.
  • Enjoy neat or with a touch of honey to soften the smoky notes.

Who is Smoky Citrus for? Whether you are new to the world of tea or a connoisseur looking for new sensations, Smoky Citrus is designed to awaken your curiosity and enrich your taste palette.

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Plant size when shipped: 20-50cm.
Pot measuring 8x8cm or 11x11cm (depending on the time of year).
Perennial medicinal plant


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