Dwarf Tamarillo

Growing the LEGBA Dwarf Tamarillo means inviting a
explosion of tastes and aromas, with the added benefit of
naturally protect your other plants. Let yourself be seduced by this
exceptional shrub and discover the pleasures of a tropical garden at

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LEGBA Dwarf Tamarillo: A Festival of Flavors and Colors

LEGBA Dwarf Tamarillo: A Festival of Flavors and Colors

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LEGBA presents the Dwarf Tamarillo (Cyphomandra abutiloides), an exotic shrub with sweet fruits reminiscent of apricot and tart, and with dazzling growth. Appreciated for its tangerine scent and its natural repellent properties, it is a valuable ally in the garden, especially among tomatoes.

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Plant available from April to the end of October

Detailed Description and Benefits

The Dwarf Tamarillo, with its rapid growth and generous production
of fruit from August, is a true taste celebration. Its fruits,
at perfect maturity, offer an explosion of flavors reminiscent of
apricot tart. Its unique smell, a mixture of tangerine with
subtle touch of turpentine, adds to its charm.

How to cultivate it? Growing Guide

  • Climate : Thrive in the heat, the Dwarf Tamarillo prefers summer conditions for optimal growth.
  • Soil : Adaptable, but prefers well-drained, nutrient-rich soil.
  • Watering : Regular, to support its rapid growth and fruit production.
  • Location : Ideal among tomatoes for its repellent effect against pathogenic fungi.

Did you know? (Discover exciting stories!)

In addition to its exceptional taste, the Dwarf Tamarillo serves as a protector
natural in the vegetable garden, keeping away pathogenic fungi and
thus promoting the health of your neighboring plants, such as


  1. When can you harvest Dwarf Tamarillo fruits?
    From August, with a flavor that intensifies until the fruits are completely ripe.
  2. Is Dwarf Tamarillo easy to grow?
    Yes, with careful attention to heat, water and soil it is relatively easy to grow and very rewarding.
  3. Can you grow Dwarf Tamarillo indoors?
    Due to its need for heat, it is best grown outdoors during warm months.
  4. Does the Dwarf Tamarillo require special care?
    Besides the basic needs of water and light, it is quite self-sufficient, requiring little care beyond that.
  5. How to use Dwarf Tamarillo in the garden?
    Plant it among tomatoes for a natural repellent effect against
    fungal diseases, while enjoying its beauty and fruits.
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