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Original Pu Erh tea

Original Pu Erh tea

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Pu-Erh: Awakening the Senses and Journey to the Heart of Well-Being"

Immerse yourself in the world of Pu-Erh , the jewel of tea culture, where tradition and well-being meet. This post-fermented tea, with its unique wet earth character, is an invitation to explore the depths of tea knowledge and immerse yourself in an unparalleled sensory experience.

A Symphony of Earthly Aromas : Pu-Erh, with its rich aromatic palette , evokes a walk in an ancient forest, where each step reveals scents of nourishing earth. Its post-fermentation gives it complex and evolved notes, making each tasting a renewed taste adventure .

Millennial Infusion Ritual :

  • Weight : Opt for 12 g/l to honor the aromatic density of Pu-Erh.
  • Infusion Time : 4-5 min to allow optimal release of flavors and health benefits .
  • Temperature : Boiling water at 100°C extracts the quintessence of this tea, revealing its antioxidant potential and its detoxifying properties.

For the Connoisseurs and the Curious : Pu-Erh is aimed at those who are looking for original experiences and wish to deepen their sensations through tea. It is an exploration of the soul of tea, where each cup is a step closer to balance and serenity .

Commitment to Excellence : Selected for its superior quality and respect for sustainable agriculture , our Pu-Erh is a guarantee of purity and authenticity .

Discover Pu-Erh : Order now and embark on a journey where tea becomes a source of well-being , a means of connection with ancestral traditions and a path to self-discovery. Pu-Erh is not just a tea, it is a philosophy of life .

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Plant size when shipped: 20-50cm.
Pot measuring 8x8cm or 11x11cm (depending on the time of year).
Perennial medicinal plant


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