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Tisane des Elfes Red fruit and citrus infusion

Tisane des Elfes Red fruit and citrus infusion

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Immerse yourself in the magical world of our Tisane des Elfes, an infusion selected by our tea store recognized as one of the best tea brands. Savor the purity of unprocessed herbal tea, where each ingredient tells an enchanting story.

Detailed Description and Benefits: In the heart of an ancient forest, where the morning mist caresses the leaves and the light dances between the branches, our Elf Herbal Tea is born. This infusion is a tribute to the secret recipes of the beings of the forest, a magical composition of flowers, fruits and herbs, all cultivated with love and respect for nature, without any chemical treatment.

Each cup invites you on a journey where chamomile soothes the mind like an elvish lullaby, where verbena transports you to secret clearings bathed in light, and where the fruity notes of hibiscus and rosehip awaken the senses, promising joy and wonder. The final touch of this plant symphony is provided by lemongrass, whose refreshing zest whispers the stories of ancient winds.

Tasting Guide: For an optimal experience, let the Tisane des Elfes infuse in simmering water for 5 to 7 minutes. Let the aromas and colors unfold, then sit back and enjoy this enchanted potion. Each sip is an open door to a world where magic is tangible, and well-being, an art of living.

Did you know ? Mesmerizing Anecdotes: In ancient legends, it is said that elves concocted magical herbal teas to celebrate the equinoxes, times when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. Inspired by these mystical traditions, our Tisane des Elfes is an invitation to reconnect with the rituals of nature and celebrate the beauty of the moment.


  • Does this herbal tea contain artificial flavors?

    • No, our Tisane des Elfes is composed only of natural and untreated ingredients, without any addition of artificial flavors, for unrivaled purity and authenticity.
  • How to best store this herbal tea?

    • To preserve the aromas and benefits, keep your herbal tea in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and humidity.

LEGBA's commitment: At LEGBA, we are committed to offering you infusions of exceptional quality, respectful of the environment and your well-being. La Tisane des Elfes reflects our passion for authentic teas and herbal teas, a treasure to share and savor.

100% naturels non traités
Température 100°C
Temps d'infusion 8 min
Titre de l'icône Sous-titre
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